Having both Investment and Sand Casting processes in one facility makes it possible for our design engineers to offer the best cost saving design and quotation for each of the two casting processes. Both Investment and Sand Casting offer cost savings over other manufacturing processes. Modern’s total service approach provides each client with the required cost comparisons to make the wisest buying decision.

Modern serves a broad group of industries including: Aerospace, Military, Industrial, and Commercial Markets with a constantly enlargi ng scope of Metal/Casting Services being developed. As an example Modern offers in house Drilling and Taping Services.

Modern has specialized equipment such as: Semi-Automatic Wax Injection Molding Machines, Solid State 200 KW Induction Melting Furnace, Overhead Sand System and a Super Bowl Sand Mixer “programmed” to handle two No Bake Sand Systems, one each for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Sand Castings.

Quality Control – Our Q.C. managers have the complete oversight of product quality assurance administration for each step of our two casting processes. Each step is carefully checked to be sure the specifications are being met. All these steps are recorded in a quality control manual and available for inspection at any required time in our Q.C. department.